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Birthing bodies, minds & lives matter.

About The Birth & Postpartum Institute

Welcome to a collaborative space where mothers, birthing people, parents, partners and birth workers are empowered with the tools, tips, and practices necessary to fully own this one precious life. Here, your complete personal and/or professional wellness and well-being are our #1 priority and the outcome we value most! 


Though only recently highlighted as a concern, caregiver burnout is the reason that The Birth & Postpartum Institute has come to exist. We are a generation of mothering, parenting and caregiving bodies who don't have access to the support we need most when we need it the most. In fact, many caregivers haven't received any specialized support at all. We're here to change this with you. TBPI offers community and care resources to alter the landscape of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood in the very best way possible: by centering parental and birth worker need. Because caregivers matter.

Something that you should know is that we are not another facebook group. With hundreds of groups on the internet and little interactive guidance, we created this platform to be a space where companionship comes first.

We center community and connection each and every day.

Generational impact begins here!

Choosing Your Care

Receive the care you desire most in any of our community-centered online groups:

My Postpartum

Get access to a virtual DOULA ON DEMAND alongside pop up pregnancy and postpartum support groups, ongoing expert tips, plus a comprehensive resource bank designed for soon-to-be and presently postpartum folks. As a bonus, you can join our monthly postpartum planning class for free every month until you birth!

Looking for an introduction to postpartum care and planning through our Prepared Postpartum class?

Click here for our last class of the year on November 30, 2023.

The BWM Lounge

TBPI's Birth Worker Mentorship hub (The BWM Lounge) is a soulful space for birth worker companionship, community, education, mentorship, resources & care. Your mentors provide heart-centered, holistic, practical, foundational and expansive opportunities for you to...

  • bloom in your personal/home life
  • see a boost in your business
  • cultivate better relationships with your clients
  • connect with your community, plus
  • uplevel your partnerships

Here, you'll have access to the very best of what can be applied to your journey, whether you've done this before, need a refresher, want advanced practice tips, are recovering from the big B (burnout) or you are simply navigating birth work for the very first time.

Hope & Healing

Because we believe the future of caregiving lies in the hands and hearts of mothers and birthing people, we invite you to participate in and/or share with your community our free in person and online events that emphasize holding sacred experiences of birth, trauma and loss.

Click here to learn more.

Or, check out the best options for you and your journey below!