Welcome to The Birth & Postpartum Institute

Birthing bodies, minds & lives matter.

We are so glad you are here.

The Birth & Postpartum Institute is a social venture project dedicated to bringing community, connection and collaboration to this mothering, parenting and caregiving generation for the benefit of all generations. With an emphasis on honoring mothers, birthing people, parents, birth keepers and birth & postpartum workers in their caregiving years, TBPI brings to life ways for you to be empowered, educated and engaged in this holy, wild work. One of the most important ways we do this is by cultivating a built in support system for your journey.

Support systems matter.

Because birthing bodies, lives and minds matter, support systems do too.

With countless research studies to back this, we can now say that the main factor in determining an individual's well-being often hinges on the presence of a supportive community or village.

Our mission at The Birth & Postpartum Institute is to revolutionize how we approach motherhood, parenthood, and caregiving, ultimately aiming to make a positive generational impact. We firmly believe that the nervous system safety of one is the nervous system safety of all. Through our workshops, classes, and events, coupled with featured membership programs, we seek to enhance a profound sense of safety in all of the bodies and minds of the mothers, parents, and birth workers we support. Our goal is to extend the ripple effect of goodness beyond the individual served, with the warmth and generousity of our community and connection being felt in hearts and homes across the globe.

What does support look like?

Generational impact starts the moment we realize that we are better together. We invite you to learn more about our workshops, classes, and events alongside featured membership programs for pregant and postpartum mothers & birthing people as well as those who care for them: midwives, doulas, birth keepers, lactation professionals, chiropractors, energy workers and more.

Workshops Classes & Events Hub

Receive updated information and register for workshops, class and events. Offerings are both in person and online centering community, education, care and support. Many of these opportunities are in partnership with our SISTER CO. Cherry Blossom Doula Services, LLC located in Arizona.

Offerings include:

  • Childbirth Education Classes
  • Prepared Postpartum Workshops
  • Newborn Care Classes
  • Conscious Parenting Workshops
  • Local Postpartum Peer Support
  • Local & Virtual Grief Groups for Birth Trauma & Loss
  • & More!

My Postpartum

You can experience the impact and power of a restorative and regenerative postpartum. In our year-long My Postpartum membership, you are invited you to experience not only your best postpartum, but your very best life. In this doula-guided membership, mothers, fathers, partners and parents have access to virtual companionship, mentorship, and care with an online community specifically tailored to the real, raw, and sometimes complex body-mind journeys of postpartum mothers and parents.

Families also have the ability to download the app and ask questions in our chat room, browse through posts in a live feed (off social media), join our interactive pop up pregnancy & postpartum chats, build a support system, enjoy easy access to the very best resources, plus receive discounts on our postpartum planning and conscious parenting classes.

Beginning February 2024, you'll have access to our NEW Mother Care Meditation Circle on select Friday morn's at 9 am MST!

The BWM Lounge

TBPI's Birth Worker Mentorship hub (The BWM Lounge) is a soulful space for birth worker companionship, community, education, mentorship, resources & care. Your mentors provide heart-centered, holistic, practical, foundational and expansive opportunities for you to...

  • bloom in your personal/home life
  • see a boost in your business
  • cultivate better relationships with your clients
  • connect with your community, plus
  • uplevel your partnerships

Here, you'll have access to the very best of what can be applied to your journey, whether you've done this before, need a refresher, want advanced practice tips, are recovering from the big B (burnout) or you are simply navigating birth work for the very first time.